Radio Relay Connection

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"Radio Relay Connection" company is glad to welcome you to our website.

If you visit us because you are interested in communication installations or because you want to place an order for construction of a communication facility, you are in the right place. Our specialists will be happy to answer all your enquiries.

"Radio Relay Connection" has been working in the market of cellular communications for over 15 years. During this time, the company constructed more than 8,000 communication facilities in Russia and CIS countries.

"RRC" specializes is the construction of communication installations: base stations, radio relay lines, antenna supports, switching centers, etc. The company carries out the entire complex of works in existing and newly constructed facilities - from infrastructure modernization to installation and integration of equipment of any manufacturers.

"RRC" has a wide experience in designing and construction of base stations for GSM networks, and successfully uses this experience in development of new technologies. At present "RRC" actively participates in construction of 3G, WiMax and LTE networks.

"Radio Relay Connection" performs "turn-key" solutions (designing, assembling, installation, completion and putting the facility into operation). Depending on the customer's wishes, we can also proceed with one or several working lines (e.g. only assembling or only installation). We have our own factory that produces metal structures (LTD "New Constructions") which enables us to execute orders of any complexity. For further information on the Company's activities, please visit the section "Services".

Basic principles allowing "Radio Relay Connection" to remain a successful company are constant development, permanent quality and customer orientation. The company constantly extends its services portfolio and our specialists are always finding the most rational way to execute the order and offer the most beneficial solution to the customer.

And finally, the quality rules! "Radio Relay Connection" holds all necessary SRO permits required for performing assembly and construction works. The company has a Quality Control Department carrying out control on all production stages. It is because "RRC" specialists, better than anybody else, understand to what extent good connection depends on the quality of communication facilities!