Activities and Services

Our specialists are ready to perform any work in the shortest possible time on existing communication objects and on those that are in production, ranging from infrastructure modernization to installation and integration of any equipment without being accompanied by representatives of the system operation. They provide a guarantee for continuous use of the operating equipment.

We have much experience in the following types of activities:

  • Building of communication constructions including basic stations of cellular network, radio nets, radio relay links, switchboards and power supply systems;
  • Building of antenna mast structures on the roofs of industrial and civil constructions;
  • Installation of antenna-feeder equipment at the corresponding high-altitude constructions (including chimneys);
  • Installation of container and apparatus rooms on roofs. Designing and installing of prefabricated container and apparatus rooms;
  • Installation of prefabricated antenna support of 36 meters high integrated in container and apparatus rooms (does not require building of foundation);
  • Designing and installation of maintenance areas, non standard metal ware made for placing of antenna feeder equipment;
  • Development, design, production and installation of stand-alone antenna mast structures.