WiMax networks designing & construction

WiMaxš(WorldwidešInteroperability foršMicrowavešAccess)š- is a wireless broadband Internet access technology. WiMax standard was created in order to provide universal wireless long-distance communications. This standard provides great freedom to users of a number of devices (mobile phones, portable PC's workstations, etc.), as there is no need for linking to internet sources as they are usually understood (neither wires nor WiFi required).

WiMax technology is based on IEEE 802.16, or Wireless MAN standard. Structure of the networks that support IEEE 802.16 is similar to GSM networks, viz.: Base stations operate on distances up to dozens of kilometers, they can be mounted on any objects that are suitable for transmission and propagation of signal. š

Mobile WiMax provides both fixed access (similar to usual DSL but without wires), and Internet access from any place within coverage area and while on the move. Signal processing principles in WiMax standard provide high internet access speed - up to 10 Mbps, which allows for quick downloading of large files (e.g., films), to watch online content of TV programs, participate in on-line games in mobile mode.

"RRC" and WiMax networks construction

"Radio Relay Communication" has significant experience in engineering and construction of base stations for GSM networks, therefore the company's specialists using accumulated experience were able to participate in WiMax networks construction, as the principle is the same.

At present, "Radio Relay Communication" is accomplishing a new large-scale project, participating in construction of international "FreshTel" network that will provide services with WiMax technology. "FreshTel" provides to its customers wireless high-speed broadband Internet access. At present, "FreshTel's" coverage area includes Moscow region and number of regions that are adjacent to it. It is planned that "FreshTel" will be present in 20 regions of Russia by the end of 2010.š

Cellular communications in Russia continues to develop, base stations and technologies are improved, and "Radio Relay Communication" is also progressing. The company keeps an eye on new tendencies and constantly develops in order to always provide the most advanced services.