Designing, manufacturing and construction of antenna mast structures

Within "Radio Relay Communication" companies group, each company has its increased focus in a certain field, as well as all companies have a good understanding of common work activity and good relations with related enterprises. Performing its function, such company keeps in mind the next element of work activity, anticipating problems that might arise later. This helps to avoid a lot of errors and positively affects overall quality.š

When a client needs an antenna mast structure in a particular location, "RRC's" specialists consider how to perform work in this very location. In the open space one work scheme will be actual, while in the city another one will be implemented. E.g., if a mat is to be erected in the country, it is necessary to know about proximity to power sources, etc. In case a support is to be mounted on the roof of an existing building, the company's specialists must analyze state of the building and its foundation, calculate their bearing capacity and make decision basing on the results. After determining optimal location of supports and equipment that will operate with maximum efficiency, "RRC" passes the work to "New Constructions".š

Within "Radio Relay Communication" companies group, "New Constructions" is responsible for designing and manufacturing of metal structures for communications needs. The company has powerful resources that allow to fulfill not only typical projects, but most complicated custom projects as well. "New Constructions" resources can be viewed on web site:

Designing, manufacturing of metal structures and processing and painting - all that is performed by "New Constructions" under supervision of "RRC" according to client's needs. After that, "RRC" continues to work with "New Constructions" made structures, assembling and erecting antenna mast structures.š

During many years of work on designing and construction of bases for operators of mobile networks in accordance with their requirements, and basing on project appraisals, "RRC" developed a number of design that correspond to the strictest requirements by price, quality and functionality criteria.š

"Radio Relay Communication" mounts both typical antenna mast structures, and customized models. It is important to know that a customized solution mot necessarily must cost more than a typical one. In fact, when developing a custom model, specialists select technically and economically optimal layouts and elements cross-sections, make use of economical profiles and efficient steel grades, they try to economize main manufacturing and structural materials.š

ántenna mast structures

"Radio Relay Communication" and "New Constructions" offer a wide range of up-to-date solutions in principle types of metal ware including the following telecommunication equipment:š

  • Towers;
  • Tethered masts;
  • Inner-city construction solutions.

Our products are delivered in a standard packaging arrangement, but we can offer various additional options depending on the customers needs. š

Standard Packaging Arrangement:

  • Supporting constructions with a staircase for elevation with back barrier;
  • Construction elements of antenna and power feeder fixing;
  • Safe/break area equipped with hatch covers;
  • Support materials;
  • Documentation for assembly (plans and specifications).

Supplementary Delivery:

  • Aerial support as well as maintenance of sites in accordance with customer's requirements;
  • System elements of barrage light and lightening protection in a complete set;
  • Anchoring details for different types of foundations;
  • Feeders' tracks from the tower to the container;
  • Barrier construction of the tower and elements of protection from unauthorized access.šššš

Information about the most demanded models of towers and masts is shown below. These models are the most demanded as they have appropriate for most clients dimensions and other specifications, and excellent price/quality rate. They are mass-produced and meticulously engineered.š

Main tower of series ô73/10000

  • Tower height: 73.0 meters;
  • Foundation base dimension: 10000 mm;
  • Size of tower top: 2000 mm;
  • Wind district (Construction norm & specifications 2.01.07 - 85): III;
  • Technological equipment:
    + 71.500 -šAerial GSM - 6 pieces;
    + 68.500 -šAerial RRL, Ø 2.4 m - 2 pieces /
       Ø 1.2 m - 2 pieces;
    + 65.000 -šAerial RRL, Ø 2.4 m - 2 pieces /
       Ø 0.6 m - 2 pieces.

Main tower of series ô70/10000

  • Tower height: 70.0 meters;
  • Foundation base dimension: 10000 mm;
  • Size of tower top: 1500 mm;
  • Wind district (Construction norm & specifications 2.01.07 - 85): III;
  • Technological equipment:
    + 68.500 - Aerial GSM - 9 pieces;
    + 70.750 - Aerial RRL, Ø 1.2 m - 3 pieces;
    + 65.900 - Aerial RRL, Ø 1.2 m - 2 pieces;
    + 58.500 - Aerial RRL, Ø 1.2 m - 2 pieces;
    + 51.900 - Aerial RRL, Ø 1.8 m - 1 pieces.š

Zone tower of series ô70/8500

  • Tower height: 70.0 meters;
  • Foundation base dimension: 8500 mm;
  • Size of tower top: 1500 mm;
  • Wind district (Construction norm & specifications 2.01.07 - 85): I;
  • Technological equipment:
    + 69.000 -šAerial GSM - 6 pieces;
    + 70.750 -šAerial RRL, Ø 1.2 m - 3 pieces.;
    + 61.000 -šAerial RRL, Ø 1.2 m - 2 pieces /
       Ø 0.6 m - 3 pieces.š

Tethered Masts M24/450

  • Tower height: 24.0 meters;
  • Section base dimension: 4500 mm;
  • Length of section: 3000 mm;
  • Stem support is jointed;
  • Wind district (Construction norm & specifications 2.01.07 - 85): II;
  • Technological equipment:
    + 23.000 - Aerial GSM - 3 pieces;
    + 24.500 - Aerial RRL, Ø 0.6 m - 2 pieces.

Please note that we manufacture many more models. More information is available at request. If none of models suits your requirements, we are ready to execute any order according to your technical design specifications at a high level.š

Technologically, "New Constructions" plant has everything needed for jobbing work at any level of complicity. Equipped with the latest software designing & project bureau develops and offers optimal solutions for any structures including non-standard.š