Turn-Key Solutions

We have extensive experience in "Turn-Key Solutions" including the following work stages:

  • Searching the sites in accordance with customers' technical enquiries, concluding lease contracts, planning of land use;
  • Project implementation;
  • Order and receipt of customers' equipment, supply of consumable materials necessary for building and installing;
  • Construction and installation work;
  • Full execution of approving documents "Power supply Base Station" (receiving of specifications and permission for power supply etc.);
  • Internal acceptance of building and installation work, author supervision (electrical measuring tests, execution of reception and delivery documentation and technical report);
  • Integration and adjustment of spans of radio relay links;
  • Construction delivery to commissioning.

We have developed an effective business process technology for building and installation works and organizational structure that includes the Quality Control Department. The department investigates current changes in the customers requirements as well as in accordance with the approved regulations it accepts built constructions in accordance with the customers’ inquiry. The Quality Control Department reveals shortages, which we eliminate in time.

We bear full responsibility to our customers for the terms and the quality of “Turn Key” construction.